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Welcome to Quinn Veterinary Clinic and Behavior Center

Your Fear Free behavioral & medical integrated practice in Northeast Indiana

Our vision at Quinn VCBC is to develop a new niche practice in veterinary medicine to specifically address the connection of behavioral and medical needs of our pets, in both the prevention and treatment of issues. This will be done through specialized attention to the environment, the appropriate interaction with and work-up of patients, and continuous learning through credible scientific sources. The goal is to decrease the fear, anxiety, and trauma we see by improving the welfare of the animals with which we share our lives. We hope to bring these concepts to other veterinary professionals on a larger scale and develop a standardized practice model to be established in the future.

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Mission statement

Our Mission at Quinn VCBC is to understand our patient’s and client’s needs, provide a safe and low-stress experience with our practice, and work to decrease the level of fear, anxiety, and trauma in our patients. We will do that through our special environment, our medical and behavioral expertise, our values, and our commitment to our patients and clients.

Our core values

Quiet Pet Visits

One client is in the office with their pet(s) one at a time. This keeps the environment quiet and calm and allows the pet to have freedom of movement to help them feel safe and secure.

Stress-Free Home Visits

We offer home visits for those pets who are too anxious to come in, multiple pet households, clients with difficulties coming for appointments, and for hospice, palliative care, and euthanasia.

Integrated Healthcare

We understand how behavior “issues” are sometimes a reflection of underlying medical problems. It takes a deep dive into both medical and emotional healthcare to arrive at a full and accurate diagnosis. We can provide this!

Fear Free Certified

We are experts at understanding body language, and how best to approach and handle fearful and anxious pets. Whether that means giving medications before your appointment time, sedation upon arrival, or simply giving your pet time to relax with some treats or toys, we will always work to make you and your pet’s experience a positive one.

Collaborative Care

While we will be able to do many procedures and tests through our office, sometimes your pet will need care at other facilities. We will help you prepare for such times, even to the point of accompanying you and your pet if warranted.

Team Approach

We want to create a team with you, including your other veterinarian(s), any referral veterinarians we may confer with, and trainers we may connect you with. Our goal is always to improve the health and welfare of your furbaby and sometimes it takes a village to accomplish that!

Calming Atmosphere

There are large open areas for the dogs to explore, with many toys, nature smells, and treats to engage their senses, which help release hormones that make the experience better. For our kitty patients we have places for them to explore also but in a smaller, cozy environment set up to mimic a home environment.

Convenient Drive-Up

We have a drive-up window to pick up any medications, drop off samples, or quick questions so as not to disturb the patients inside, as well as not having to bring your pet in when not necessary.

Tailored Appointments

We have multiple types of appointments available. Some are for medical or surgical purposes specifically (vaccinations, spay, allergies, etc.), some are mainly behavioral (adolescent over-arousal, excessive leash pulling, etc), and many will combine both (increased aggression with aging changes, resource guarding, urinating outside the litterbox, etc.). One of our technicians will review your pet’s history and behaviors to help determine the best appointment type. Other concerns, such as pre-visit medications, sedation, or ways we can set up the environment to help ease your pet’s anxiety will be discussed. We want you, as well as your pet, to feel comfortable about the visit!

Extended Visit Times

Appointment length is generally longer than typical veterinary visits because we want your pet to have plenty of time to acclimate to the environment, be comfortable with our exam or procedures, and have time to discuss any concerns or findings.