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Mobile Services

We understand that getting your pet to the veterinary hospital is not always an easy task or one that is feasible for you or your pet. In some instances, bringing your pet to the office can cause more stress and anxiety than is healthy. That is why we offer mobile services that allow us to come to you. Here, we will be able to safely evaluate your pet at home, formulate a treatment plan and perform simple procedures while your pet feels secure in its own environment.

Anxiety isn’t the only reason for home visits. We also offer hospice care for end-of-life planning so that your pet can stay in the comfort of his or her own home. We even offer euthanasia at home for when it is time to make that difficult choice. It’s important to us that your pet feels safe and as relaxed as possible.

Some behavior consults are best done in the home also, where environment, relationships, with other pets, and a pet’s anxiety can be more accurately evaluated.

Contact our clinic for available days and times for in-home services.