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Our veterinary team in Huntington welcomes you and your pet!

At Quinn Veterinary Clinic and Behavior Center, we welcome new clients and patients to our specialty service veterinary practice in Huntington.

We provide both medical and behavioral veterinary care to pets in Huntington and surrounding areas of Ft. Wayne, Allen County, Roanoke, Columbia City, Whitley County, Warsaw, N. Manchester, Wabash, Bluffton, Warren, and Markle.

We know you will be very happy with our services. Our staff is devoted to staying on top of the latest diagnostics, treatments, and wellness programs to maintain your pet’s optimal health. Let’s work together to keep your beloved furry friend happy and healthy!

New Client RegistrationAbout Us

Welcome to A Whole New Concept in Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary visits can be one of the most stressful and traumatizing experiences a pet will encounter. This is why Quinn Veterinary Clinic and Behavior Center is tailored to meet the specific needs of pets that are fearful, anxious, or have had previous trauma in their lives. We utilize Fear Free and Low Stress Handling principles and techniques as well as the most current science-based behavioral information when caring for our patients. We take the time to ensure your pets receive the personalized care they need. We believe that pets’ emotional health is directly related to their physical health, and we must fully appreciate both to give them the best care. By integrating behavioral medicine with clinical medicine, we are able to reach our goal of ensuring a positive experience for both our patients and their owners.

We have taken extensive educational opportunities to learn about and understand behavior so that we can offer behavioral counseling for concerns such as reactivity, resource guarding, and fear aggression. We also love to do basic classes such as puppy, kitten, and a fun and games class. We can help you determine what type of service would be best for your pet. We always use positive reinforcement, pet-centered guidelines in our behavior and training programs and bring welfare and ethology into the picture. We strive to help your pets build resilience, so they are better able to cope with the world around them. We are seeing more anxiety and aggression issues than ever before, and we at Quinn Veterinary Clinic and Behavior Center want to work to develop solutions, provide a safe and secure environment for better health and behavior care, and help build better relationships between people and their pets!

What to expect


When you call us

We are so glad when customers reach out to us but because we are a small group and like to give our full attention to each patient we are attending to, we may not be able to answer the phones, emails and text messages immediately. Please know you and your pet are very important to us and we will continually review all messages and contact you as soon as possible, normally within 24-48 business hours.


When you schedule with us

One of our staff will discuss with you ways to make your pet’s appointment low stress. This may include things such as preventing car anxiety, helping cats become comfortable in carriers, determining if pre-visit anti-anxiety medication is warranted, and what things to bring with you to keep your pet relaxed. We will also let you know how your pet’s appointment will proceed to best accommodate his/her needs. We may ask you to fill out some of our online forms to detail issues better and will ask to have any previous medical or behavior records emailed to us.


When you arrive for an appointment

We are always happy to welcome you and your fur baby but because we work with anxious, fearful, and sometimes aggressive pets we will usually only have one client at a time in our office. When you arrive at the clinic please check in (call or text) before entering the building and look for the sign on our door that says we are either with a patient (and the door will be locked) or Welcome, come on in! Once inside you may notice that we are dressed in casual clothing rather than scrubs and doctors’ coats. This can help the patients feel more at ease. We may also stay seated when you enter to avoid stressing the pet, as well as toss him/her treats or offer toys to engage in playtime prior to starting the appointment. We have a wall of shelves that will have toys, treats, and nature items for your pet to sniff and explore to engage all their senses. Please allow them to touch, grab, and even tear up the items (if appropriate) as these normal behaviors can help decrease the stress of visits. For our feline patients we have a room with items for them to hide in, climb on, scratch and chase. Once we give your pet time to become comfortable with the environment, and us, we will proceed with the appointment. Depending on your pet’s stress level during the appointment, we may discuss sedation, rescheduling with medication, or other creative ideas like doing the appointment outside! Each patient is an individual and it is our mission to create a safe environment, understand your pet’s body language, and make the veterinary visit much less stressful for everyone!

Guidelines for our practice to ensure safe, personalized, and stellar service to each patient and client:

  • We are a very small clinic; we do not have someone in the office to answer phones. Please leave a message or send us a text or email and our Customer Service Specialist will contact you by the next business day.
  • We are by appointment only. Because we are working with patients with anxiety, fear, and sometimes aggression we will not be able to accommodate the same day, acute illness, or last-minute appointments in most cases. Sometimes we can make exceptions, but other times you may need to use urgent care or emergency facilities, or another local veterinary hospital.
  • Please always feel free to ask for a treatment plan.
  • Because we have a specific area of expertise and design our entire practice around it, the cost of our services must reflect that. Please do not schedule with us with a mindset of wanting a “bargain”. There are multiple financial options available such as insurance and credit cards. We can discuss ways to still help your pet that fits your budget, but we cannot make payment plans. Excellent care can be expensive but isn’t your pet worth it?
  • Patience is a virtue! Whether waiting for a call to schedule, the results of a test, or your turn to come into the office with your pet, please remember we are trying to do the best for each pet in front of us. When working with animals, things are not always predictable! Please treat others with the courtesy you would appreciate.
  • We have set office hours but those can be somewhat flexible, both to accommodate clients, and our doctor and staff. We all work hard and deserve to have time off. We also understand things that come up in your life and we will work to accommodate this when possible.
  • Our Core Values include: Integrity, Compassion, Wisdom, Kindness, and Respect. We practice these among our staff, our clients, and their pets. As well as others in the community and those with whom we do business. We ask for the same courtesies in return. Those who choose to behave otherwise may be dismissed from the practice.