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Preventive/Wellness Services

Ensuring your pet has a good vet experience from their very first visit to their last is as important to us as it is to you and your pets. First impressions are everything! Doctor visits can be scary when you don’t understand what is happening. The exams are important to monitor growth, begin vaccines and administer dewormers. We strive to make puppy/kitten visits fun by offering treats and games tailored to the individual. This is an excellent way to start exposing your pets to new things while working to build their confidence and resiliency. We work with puppies and kittens to not fear their vet visits, which leads to stress-free and more relaxed visits in the future.

Annual wellness visits play an important part in our pets’ physical and emotional health as well. Fleas, mites, and other parasites can make our pets feel uncomfortable. This can lead to the emergence of unwanted or changed behaviors.  For adults we always recommend a thorough annual exam with vaccines (when needed), baseline bloodwork, and discussing the parasite prevention that is best for your pet. Yearly evaluations allow us to assess any changes in your pet that may lead to more underlying issues.

We want to care for your pet from their beginning moments through their senior years. Just like humans, as our pets get older, they are more prone to diseases and conditions that cause discomfort and stress whether it’s from new lump developments or chronic arthritis. We take time with our senior patients when running diagnostic blood work or scanning for and treating any pain. We even offer home visits for those pets who aren’t as mobile as they used to be. It is important to us that your pet gets quality care and comfort no matter their stage in life.