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Surgical Services

Here at Quinn VCBC, we provide both routine surgical procedures (spays and neuters) as well as some soft tissue surgeries such as lump and bladder stone removals and foreign bodies (my dog ate what???). We also are passionate about healthy dental care, as abscessed, broken, and diseased teeth can be very painful for your pet and lead to other health issues.

We make every attempt to ensure your pet has a safe, low-stress and pain-free surgery experience. We will check preanesthetic bloodwork for healthy organ function, use the safest sedations and anesthetic protocols available, and continuously monitor your pet’s heart rate, ECG, oxygen levels and temperature during procedures, as well as provide intravenous fluids, pain control and antibiotics as needed.

What we offer that is different than many other clinics is the personalized surgical plan for each pet. Your pet will receive a pre-surgery package, including medications to prevent pain, stress, and vomiting, several days before the surgery to begin the process. Then, as a pet parent, you have the option to stay with your pet while we sedate him/her and be with him/her in recovery to minimize stress. Safety will always be our number one priority but just as we want to be with our loved ones while recovering in the hospital, we feel our pets will benefit from the same care.