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Pain Management

Pain, whether chronic or acute, can have a significant impact on our pets’ physical and emotional health. It goes un- or under-diagnosed many times, as animals have a natural survival adaptation to mask pain symptoms. Scientists have estimated that anywhere between 35-80% of “behavior issues” (especially aggression) have an underlying pain component. We, as veterinary professionals, and you, as pet parents, need to be our pets’ best advocates by always considering pain management in our pet’s healthcare.

We at Quinn VCBC are skilled at connecting behavior with potential underlying pain issues. Although our pets cannot verbally tell us if and where they hurt, we can rely on your observations, our thorough physical exams, diagnostic testing (i.e. radiographs), and multiple modes of treatment options to make sure they are always comfortable and pain free. We also ensure when doing medical or surgical procedures that we always address pain management before, during, and after the procedure. Through stellar pain management for all of our patients we can ensure better quality emotional and physical health.